Why King Tree ? Why choose the chestnut tree ?



In the Ardèche area, the sweet chestnut tree (Castanea sativa) is called “Arbre Roi” (Royal Tree), because the tree nourishes, heats, is a construction material and now it heals! “Arbre Roi” becomes: King Tree.

Due to the specific composition of the wood, the tree has unique characteristics. Unlike the majority of the trees, the chestnut tree produces hydrolysable tannins, and more particularly ellagitannins, which are also found also in the Pomegranate. These particular polyphenols, synthesized by the tree, are essential actors in the defence mechanism against exterior aggressors, like insects and moulds.

To promote the French Chestnut tree forest, which represents the largest Chestnut tree forest in the world, King Tree has decided to relaunch the French extraction of sweet chestnut wood (Castanea sativa). But this time, with only one application: Nutrition and Health.

One other very strong feature of the chestnut tree is the property to sprout and grow again naturally after harvest. In fact, in a time lapse of approximately 20 years, the tree gains back the original harvest status.  This is extremely fast, compared to many other tree species.

The company is located in France and in Europe, but development will exceed the European Union to allow the whole world to benefit from the French sweet chestnut wood.