Kingbrown® : the sweet chestnut wood extract boosting your operations 

Product certified Organic !

100 % Chestnut extract rich in ellagitannins

The active features of Kingbrown® are linked to its high content of specific polyphenols, particularly ellagitannins. They are produced by the tree (Castanea sativa) for its own protection against external aggressors. This is one of the main reasons why chestnut trees resist to decay and don’t fear parasites.

The ellagitannins are esters of HHDP (Hexahydroxydiphenoic acid) and monosaccharide. When hydrolysed, they will free their  ellagic acids.

In Kingbrown®, two very specific ellagitannins characteristic of chestnut wood are found : vescalagin and castalagin.


Antioxidative power

Due to the high content of ellagitanninsKingbrown® is a very powerful and stable antioxidant.


Metal binding

Kingbrown® is able to bind certain metals, one being Iron (Fe). This application has been patented by the company and find its application in the calf rearing for meat production (white veal production).


Protection of vegetal proteins in ruminants 

Balancing globally the ration and thanks to precision dosing of Kingbrown®, the extract allows to protect the feed proteins against ruminal bacterial degradation and to profit from endogenous protein synthesis.


Protection of the intestinal mucosa

Kingbrown® reinforces the intestinal barrier due to its antioxidanthealing and anti-inflammatory effect. Moreover, it modulates positively the intestinal microbiota, limiting the invasion of pathogens.

The preventive use of Kingbrown® allows to reduce, even remove, the therapeutic uses of antibiotics or vaccines.

Many properties studied since more than 20 years have demonstrated that Kingbrown® has an efficient preventive action against pathogenic threats in all animal species, more specifically in young animals. And this, without compromising the zootechnical performances.

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