King Tree is doing its utmost to produce an extract with high quality and total traceability


Quality and Traceability 

Due to the total control of the production process the raw material (harvest in the forests) up to the extract is selected cautiously to assure the extract is for 100 % French Chestnut origin and certified organic.

The specialised production unit, fully automated, guarantees a consistent and uniform product in quality and composition.

In order to guarantee such quality, strict rules are set in agreement with the HACCP approach, leading to full nutritional safety of Kingbrown®. On top, the plant is FCA certified (Feed Chain Alliance).

Know How and Expertise

The management and staff of King Tree are long term actors in the domain of animal nutrition, since over 30 years. This accumulated know how and on field experience brings a major contribution to solutions for actual problems on the farms.

Jean-Benoît Tierny, the president of the company, holds two patents related to Kingbrown® :

Use of hydrolysed tannins in animal nutrition in order to bind Iron&Composition of a feed additive for preventive treatment of coccidiosis