What’s KingBrown® ?

KingBrown®  is the brandname of chestnut extract (Castanea Sativa Mill.).  It’s the result of a 100% natural water extraction process, without use of any additives.  It’s high content of ellagitannins, which are particular polyphenols, gives unique properties to the product.  King Tree is committed to supply an extract of stable quality thanks to a specific factory, exclusively dedicated for nutrition and health and FCA certified (Feed Chain Alliance).

What’s the origin of KingBrown® ?

KingBrown® is a chestnut wood extract from France.  All wood is exclusively harvested from the french chestnut forests in the Tarn area, close to the the extraction plant at Labruguière.  The largest chestnut forest in the world are located in France, which assures a stable supply of wood.

For which animal species KingBrown® is dedicated ?

The chestnut extract acts on the intestinal health of the animal, so beneficial to the majority of animal species : poultry, ruminants, pigs, rabbits, sheep and goats, aqua, etc.

How KingBrown® works ?

KingBrown® as a preventive effect.  A regular intake of the extract allows to significantly improve the intestinal health for all animals and protect them against various pathogens. More particularly in phase around birth and weaning, without compromising zootechnical performances.

Which are the product presentations of KingBrown® ?

The product is available in powder form in bags, big bags and in bulk (pressed air). Bags are 25 kg bags on palets of 1250 kg.  Also a liquid form will be offered as KingBrown®-L, available in IBC containers or in bulk.

Legal status and authorizations of KingBrown® ?

KingBrown® is a natural extract of chestnut wood.  Therefore, in the EU it’s authorised as additive in the European Register of authorized additives for animal nutrition. As complementary feed for human nutrition following the Plant Arrest of 24/6/2014. As Flavouring substance for use in food with the FLAVIS number 16.080 (Regulation EC No.1334/2008 of the European parliament and of the council of 16 December 2008) on flavourings and certain food ingredients with flavouring properties for use in and on foods.

Which are the recommended dosages for KingBrown® ?

The dosages are specific for the different animal species and the different growth or production phases.

Please contact the Technical Service Department for the best advice on the dosage levels to be used.